Thinking about making a website

· ghodawalaaman's blog

I want to buy a domain name which I will point to my server's public ipv6 address. however my isp doesn't give me a public ipv4 address so bascially my website will be unavailable to most of the people using internet. I also though instead of buying a domain name I can just use some free domain providers like, etc. It will be more cheaper :)

# How will I build the website?

I want to make it as simple as possible. I haven't decided how I am going to make my website yet, however it's certain that I won't be using any big framework to build my website. I also want the website to be static.

# What will I put in the website?

Nothing much TBH. I want to keep it minimal. just a few words about myself and my resume that's all I need from my website. I already have a gemini capsule(gemini:// where I have written 1-2 blogs however it's ipv6 only. since I don't have much need from the website I will write the website entirely in HTML and maybe a little bit of CSS.

# Where will I host the website?

On my homeserver. yup that means it won't have good uptime xD.